Busy doing nothing


I can’t remember when this was but we were at Juggers. Rather than preparing to kill it, we had a typical RT3 moment where we got insanely distracted and went off looking at other things.

Due to the fact that Blizzard have built the SoO raid into the physical world that you can see and explore and have just added the bosses (just like the destroyed Golden Lotus quest hub) it’s almost like you are ‘phased’ when you are there with your group. Technically, people could be flying over you but you can’t see them and they can’t see you…

Anyway. (See! So easily distracted!) Being right outside Ogrimmar, we got distracted by the ‘village’ outside and went off to explore it while a few people were afk. There’s not an awful lot to see there. Some trolls, some more trolls, a troll by a tent… Then we caught sight of the horizon. There was only one thing to do, run through the Barrens!
We ran in different directions and I hit a wall. Except my wall was a giant void like I’d fallen off the edge of Azeroth itself.


Finally coming back after trying to see if I could fall under the Barrens. We got into position to kill Juggers. Someone asked what the plan was exactly. Flinkan promplty replied with the short version of what we were doing.


Unfortunately, Jollyjanes monumental effort at trying to make it through the boss still hasn’t lost its comedy value and he was still trying to be coaxed into running through again. It’s a very shiny mount you get! He wasn’t going to fall for that again and steadfastly remained in one place.


We did get Juggers down, the actual fight was a blur of bombs and spiky things coming out of the floor. And I’d bet my laptop that 1- a cloak dropped and 2- we disenchanted everything. We moved on to our favorite bosses in the whole wide world of Azeroth. While clearing trash at one point we pulled four packs and several of us were tanking/dying/running around like headless chickens. After clearing all the trash there was one thing that entertained us for longer than the loot.


Yeah, we shamelessly looked up the treasurers skirt… He’s clearly not the brains of Ogrimmar!

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