So close we can smell it

(Apologies for no photos at this point, I need to pull them off my computer! )

We’ve been working Siegecrafter Blackfuse for a couple of days now. Yesterday we finally got him down.

Wipe after wipe of perfecting sawblade positions, laser kiting, belt management etc we got there. I was on the belt at the time, when Tsff started the count down to the kill. 
I’d got distracted and wasn’t in a good place to use disengage and I don’t trust myself with the pipes so I had to wait to be pulled from the belt. I got down while the boss was at 6%. Panic kind of set in as the electromagnet started to pull us back and sawblades were flying around. Slowly, his health went down and boom! He was down and we were screaming! Killing this thing was a triumph, after all those wipes we got better and better and none of us could contain our jubilation at it.

For once we actually needed people to roll on a bit of loot! Tier shoulders dropped but they would have made three tier pieces for three people. Ant won the roll and Blunnerz ended up with a shiny trinket to replace his lfr one. Nanutzza also got lucky on her personal roll and got a tier piece for her warlock.

We ran on to Paragons. Stopping in the doorway to the tunnel to quickly regroup. The trash were pulled just as Tsff said to stack up to stop them jumping around. Tauti and Tauli (<this was confusing in the name department!) both ended up as bug food. Once the trash in the tunnel and in the Paragon room were dead and everyone ressed, Tsff pointed out the crystal that starts the encounter. We were all grouped around it when Nanutzza joked about clicking it and you get a mount. This joke is probably never going to get old, even in WoD. Jolly then piped up saying he had to explain the joke to his work mates (Hello Jollys workmates!) as they had read about us making more mount jokes while Jolly was away. Remenising about the Elegon run, we all had a laugh. Which quickly turned to horror as the bosses came down. People scattered like frightened sheep. Turning back around we had no choice but to go for it without any real clue about who was doing what due the the ninja pull! We blamed Flinkan because of his ‘anti-downtime’ stance. He denied it. “Check who has a new mount” Nanutzza joked. Jolly apologised and said it was him. There’s no mount Jolly!

Flinkan and his downtime. We had been spending about five minutes between each wipe buffing, eating and generally musing about things. Flinkan was getting impatient and made a post about cutting down on ‘downtime’.
We all paid attention to this and endeavoured to hurry up with wipe recovery. It went well. I have two people who spam me to remind me to eat!
It has now moved on to pointing out every single time Flinkan isn’t ready or needs to go and reforge etc.
One night while we were grouped up and ready to go, Flinkan was finishing some PvP he was doing. Downtime Flinkan! He said he would be a minute so the pull timer went up for 59 second with the threat that if he wasn’t here he would be paying the first round of repairs (We were joking of course). We have now got very quick at wipe recovery but Flinkan without fail will get ‘downtime’ yelled at him if he asks for repairs, needs to eat, needs to pee…

We tried again and this time pulled properly. We used hero at the start and got through the first two bosses before we got eaten by bugs. After looking up some tactics and getting advice from Alrysia we went again. This time deciding to use hero when Korven was in his amber. When the boss landed hero was popped.
“Errr… hero on the first amber…” Tsff said.
We got through it anyway and battled on.
There were many moments with “who is next?” Being asked. At one point we were killing the wrong one due to confusion/not being able to pronounce the bosses name.
We had three left when Ant got eaten by a Kunchong. Sad times.

Dusting ourselves off we went again. Flinkan had asked for this to be our last try as it was getting late. We all agreed. After a few bosses went down I had aim on me and Blunnerz yelled “feign death!” over ts. Terrified due to the silent concentration being broken I clicked my button like a mad woman (it wasn’t keybound at that time) and accidentally clicked the button next to it as well.
“HAHAHAHAHA OMG HAHAHAHAHAHA” I was in fits of laughter and couldn’t see through the tears.
“You’re alive?! What’s wrong?” Tsff asked, concerned at what doom was going to fall on us all.
“Omg I’m so sorry!” Was all I could muster in between giggles.
“Oh… we have hero?!” Tsff was really confused. As Flinkan is a shammy the hero icon was identical to his, Tsff couldn’t work out why we had been given hero considering Flinkan had been instructed to use it on the amber. “That was you? I was trying to work out what was going on and I was looking through my buffs”
We got to the enrage timer with Tsff the only one alive on the last Paragon. The timer hit.
“Oooh he got big” Nanutzza said over ts.
“And I shall die now” Tsff replied as his face hit the floor.

After this wipe (lololol) we regrouped and Flinkan agreed to another go. Unfortunately while we were eating and re flasking someone managed to pop hero again.
“Oh dear”
We gave it a half hearted shot but wiped on the 7th boss.

After many calls for another try we went again.
[Raid chat][Flinkan] I’m going to rage quit if someone pops hero again

We got to about the 3rd boss, by this time we were tired and we’re being eaten by parisites as Tsff lost the bug boss for a few seconds. We had a good crack at it and had got so close.

“You know what’s through those doors…” I said looking towards the final room.
“Heirlooms!” Blunnerz replied.
“Haha! Yes. Shiny shiny heirlooms”

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