Arakkoa love

I love the Arakkoa. I want to play them. image

Fenrir is convinced that the Arakkoa outcasts are going to turn on us during this expansion.
There’s a very rich lore with them that’s interesting to read and my time lost figurine is by far my favorite toy. After reading through countless pages on the different characters that were notable I started to piece together what happened and it was quite sad…
Needless to say, this is a work in progress!

I hope that we get the back story on why Ikiss has gone mad as the Arakkoa outcasts already have branded him a lunatic as soon as you step into Spires. My hate of questing has meant that I’d not really paid much attention to them in Outland other than just an initial fascination with how they looked and moved and that they seemed to be desperately clinging onto some misguided hope from the past.
The new and improved Skettis (where are the trees!?) In Draenor and the fact that the Outcasts like you, if by tolerating you means they like you, it meant that you had a glimpse into their troubles before it all went south for them.

I want more Arakkoa!


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