Orcs and Tigers and Fire, Oh my!

We started off on a clean run. We wanted gear and to get back to Imperiator Mar’Gok.
We also started on Heroic.

We killed Bladefist without 99% of us dying this time and went to Twins. We had discussed the whole ‘blind spot’ for the fire but none of us were any good at finding it and we proceeded to run around like headless chickens, miles away from healers finding all the fire we could.

There is a story to go with our obsession with fire. Gio was on his healer a few days ago and a few of us decided to run lfr to try and get rid of our blues that we had hanging around. We got to twins and I reminded them that I got to 6 stacks before I burned to death. It was a challenge now to get as much as we could.
While at the Twins we tried to find as much fire as we could! Shouting over ts how many stacks we were up to, voices increasing in pitch with every stack that we acquired. I got to 6 stacks and started to wince as the numbers went up
OMG 9!!!
Trying to run through more fire it was soon apparent that we had beaten the fire boss as we never got to 10. “I can’t get anymore than 9!” I yelled, clearly over excited about giving my healers a headache.
“I can’t either!” Gio replied with equal enthusiasm.
We had discovered that 9 was clearly the most that Blizzard through anyone would pick up before combusting into a fiery death. We strutted around afterwards with our imaginary ‘I beat the fire boss!’ badges. It was something that we would mention quite often when faced with fire again. Alas, HC fire burns a bit more than lfr fire, which is clearly more like a warm glow compared to what one can only imagine is the Great Fire of London on Mythic difficulty.

Anyway, back to our HC run.

I was approximately 50% ‘with it’ and while trying to call out things. The other 50% was worried about my own ass getting burned, which lead to people getting hit by charge a couple of times. After a fair few attempts we decided to go back to normal and just get through. Running out to reset meant that most of us, rather annoyingly, ended up back at our garrisons. We took a five minute break as we all set of on our flight paths back to Highmaul.

Once back in, having left the angry Horde behind us, we got into the arena and set up the groups and suchforth. It was noticed that High in the stadium Grommash was stood next to Bladefist.
There was talk about killing Grommash and just winning the game there and then. If we could get to him it would have been quite feasable as the mighty Chief only had a minuscule amount oh health compared to the mighty Bladefist. WoWScrnShot_011515_200655


The fight itself went quite smoothly, the issue was that we had an overwhelming draw to the tigers.

I managed to fall in not once, but twice. Each time navigating behind the fire pillars to be ready to get Bladefist into the pillar on beserker rush. The first time I fell in it wasn’t really noticed. I did indeed have rush on me and the fire pillar went down before I was thrown back out. Many heals came my way.
There was a chain hurl next that ended with a “Oh Marvv” as people jumped down and two of them ended up in a pit.
My second pit navigating failure was to be my last. Squeezing round I got a bit too close and fell in again. This time I was thrown back out into a pillar. My time was up.
I was in a great position to call out other pillars and was in the fortunate position to witness the most spectacular pillar to pit fail.

Blunnerz was busy healing people. He was stood in a nice, currently empty space. That space also contained a little skull thingy.
He was stood on the skull thingy.
The pillar went off and I watched Blunnerz fly gracefully backwards. I held my breath as we really didn’t want a healer out of action as we had lost a couple of people already. Blunnerz kept flying backwards and then disappeared out of sight. I didn’t say anything, I wasn’t sure I’d seen it right. Then Blunnerz appeared again. Almost dead. I watched him run off.
“Erm… Did you…?” I asked tentatively
“No! No I did not!”
“Did what?” Rawls asked
“Nothing! We shall not speak of this!”
I took my finger away from my ptt button and laughed. My own misfortune had enabled me to witness one of the most spectacular fails we had occur in many a boss fight.

It’s not just us though. Retelling snippets of what happened in gc I was told of the Tiger problem that occurred on a Mythic run.
“Once we had a tiger eat five people in a row… That was pretty funny”
“Rampaging tigers”
“I seem to remember calling out ‘tiger on X, X is dead, Tiger on Y, Y is dead, Tiger on Z… And so on”
“Then there was when out tank got eaten by a tiger which was funny as the tank is a bear. Bear verses tiger….”
“I’m sure she was dead for 30 seconds before people ressed her!”
“Before the boomkins found their buttons…”

Those tigers…


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