Twitter is coming!

This was announced a coupe of weeks ago. Twitter is coming into the game.


I for one am exited about this. Being able to share screenshots instantly with people, or possibly even tweet Blizz with a comment or congratulations.
I for one like my screenshots and like sharing them, I know not everyone does have or use twitter and some that do use it may be secret wow players who don’t want their followers to find out they play.

The amount of butt-hurt going on over this is incredible. The instant gratification group are annoyed that time wasn’t spent making more races and classes or adding a million tabs for your collections. Yes these things would be nice eventually but if we got them all in this next patch then what? Do they then invent some random story line that doesn’t quite fit in with the lore to accommodate these new races  (which lets face it, would be complained about as well) or do they then exhaust all the race options and then are stuck with having to add a new continent with some random *horror* animal race on there? (Think Pandas, you know where this is going…)

It could also just be that fact is Twitter that is the first platform being used. The 160 character limit can be pretty annoying but they have said it’s a starting point. It could be that Twitter was the easiest to implement and to test before they went nuts with other social media platforms. Eventually we could see built in Twitch streaming…

Through all the rage going on about not wanting an ‘outside world’ availability in a ‘fantasy world’ I would say it’s safe to assume that every single one of them has used a social media platform to read up on or check out some aspect of wow.
If they have watched a boss kill on YouTube, that’s social media. If they have kept tabs on what’s going on with extended maintenence on the Blizzard blog, that’s social media. The list goes on.

Then there’s Takralus taking the brunt of it. This Blue should be given a medal for being the head above the trench constantly on here.
Some of the whining did keep me entertained. Considering how badly some players think the development team are doing their job, why don’t they do it?Maybe they should check out the jobs page instead of whining? there’s plenty of opportunities available! Even some for ‘secret projects’ ooooh…

Here’s some of the finest ‘toys out of the pram’ moments… Enjoy!




And heaven forbid if you actually say you like the idea of Twitter in WoW…


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