Blackrock Shenannigans

Truth be told, I cant remember what day I took the following screen shots. I can, however, remember the funny situation behind most of them. Just little things that I thought ‘That will be good for later’ and here they finally are!


That time when Fenrir got lost…

WoWScrnShot_020815_212323First run in for Fenrir and he cant find the entrance. To be honest only two days ago a search party had to go out and find me as I couldn’t find the entrance to Blackrock Foundry for love nor money.


That time where Xerath used a glider and got trapped by a small ledge…


To avoid the Horde, Xérath decided he was going to ‘fly in’. What he didn’t count on was landing on the roof and then have his size be his own worst enemy and ensure that he couldn’t jump over what would apparently be a small ledge. Ruin went off in search of him and to try and find a way to get him down while the rest of us were contemplating braving the Horde outside to try and get to the summoning stone. somehow he managed to get down but to this day, we have no idea how…


That time with the spears

WoWScrnShot_021715_215310Pinned Down claimed many many victims. Frank was pinned between two spears and was so far away from both of them we didn’t know what one had got him. Xerath (theres a theme here) got snagged and let out a nice announcement for everyone to see. I was lagging no end and ended up being impaled halfway through a disengage. “Get Ella out!” was a frequent yell over ts as those on spear duty frantically tried to free me before I died.


The one where I’m glad I don’t have to strip anymore…

WoWScrnShot_022215_225148The amount of times I’ve been caught out half naked with ninja pulls… It’s a running joke now that the only item that I owned which made multistrike my biggest secondary stat was one of my trinkets. This mean that every time a feast was put down I would have to strip off, eat and ensure that I was fully dressed so that I was prepare for the ready check. Obviously there is the incident in Highmaul where I somehow managed to survive longer than fully geared players while I was running around in my pants. Thank god with 6.1 I can cook my own food and also get multistrike from feasts by default while fully clothed! Judging that no one else would be sitting at the feast table naked, one can only assume that as long as Big Brother (read as Rawls) noticed you had a food buff it didn’t matter what actually stat was buffed…


The one where the Mages realised they could do something magical…

WoWScrnShot_022215_230529Oh Flamebender, how we hate thee. So with this and the tanks dead and the remaining dps and healers just trying to stay alive Xerath (again!) was just trying to get away when he blinked through the wall. He waited there while everyone else died. His fun was short lived as the boss charged though the wall after him and his little Gnome legs needed to hurdle the conveyer belts (is that what the stacks of boxes are for???)
This little trick was put to great use again when the add knocked Danue out of the arena, after she struggled to find the sweet spot to Blink back in we thought that perhaps Blizz had fixed it but she soon found it and was back kicking Flamebenders ass again.


I’m going to leave off with something that is not BRF related but still makes me chuckle…

The one where I ‘took a shit’ in Yjelza’s Garrison…


You’re welcome!





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