Field Photographer


WoW is a tiny bit dull atm. The things to do which could easily eat up your time before you realised it was two days later and you’re late for work are diminishing.

I like looking through my achievements tab to see what little things can be done to hitch up those points. If it has a title with it, even better,

Field Photographer caught my eye. Nice and easy, I knew where about 97% of the places were and it would be pretty easy to get round them all.
Well, it would be after I sorted them all out into continent order and then in a logical order to get to them.

Anyone who is anyone should still have their hearthstone set to Shrine in Pandaria. It also helps that I’m a scribe, so I have two hearthstones (like Shamans with Astral Recall) which helps me getting to and from places.


Looking at the list I was taken over with a feeling of “what the fuck?” as I scoured through trying to sort through in my head all of the Eastern Kingdom sites, all the Kalimdor sites etc… There was nothing for it, I had to put pen to paper to sort this jumble out and make a plan.

First things first, I was stood in my Garrison (as usual) so my first port of call was the

Draenor sites:
– Temple of Karabor
– Throne of the Elements
– Archindoun

WorldMap-DraenorTaking flight points to all of these, first to the Temple, then to Archindoun and finally over to Throne, I was able to hearthstone to shrine once I was done.

Pandaria sites:
– Vale of Eternal Blossom
– Mount Neverest
– Sunsong Ranch
– Turtle Beach

Pandaria1Obviously, Doing The Vale photo is the first one you should do as you’re there anyway when you hearthstone!
I then went for Mount Neverest, just hanging around the mid level slopes so that it was Mount and not Pinnacle on my mini map, then flew down to Halfhill to then stand on my farm (my, how I have let that go) and then on towards Turtle Beach (where the ‘Wanderers, Dreamers and You’ festival is held)

Following on from that, I was lazy again and just hearthstoned. The went through the Stormwind portal.

Eastern Kingdom sites:
– Stormwind
– Janerio’s Point (Island with the statue near Booty Bay)
– Gurubashi Arena, Battle Ring (Be quick if you’re on a PvP server!)
– Deadmines (go as far as you can into the exit)
– Westfall Lighthouse
– Darkshire
– Karazhan (Have to go in, the Gatehouse works though)
– Dark Portal
– Blackrock Mountain
– Valley of Kings
– Deeprun Tram (in Ironforge)
– Thandol Span
– Ravenholdt Manor
– Uther’s Toomb
– Hearthglen
– Lights Hope Chapel


I started in Stormwind and then took a flight path to Booty Bay and then made my way slowly up the continent as the areas are numbered. Simple enough and not too much faffing if you have collected all the flight points going around here! I did not at this point do Vash’jir as I couldn’t be bothered to fly over/use the portal at the Earthenshrine/completely forgot about it.
After I was done, I used my Hearthstone again, went back to shrine and then took the portal back to Dalaran for the Northrend ones.

Northrend sites:
– Dalaran
– Wintergrasp Fortress
– The Frozen Throne
– Wyrmrest Temple
– Naxx
– Daggercap Bay

world_of_warcraft_composites__northrend_by_digitalutopia-d5w5g28This was a pain in the ass! Wintergrasp Fortress was ok. Actually, all of them were ok apart from the Frozen Throne. You have to kill everything to get up to it… I did forget totally about Daggercap Bay and had to go back to it… Although the place itself is pretty cool, looks like Berk from How to Train Your Dragon.

Outland Sites:
– Shattrath City
– Throne of Kil’Jaden
– The Stormspire
WorldMap-Expansion01Pretty simple with this one, once completed, I just Hearthstoned again and made my way through the portal to Dalaran and then made my way to the Caverns of Time to begin the Kalimdor section.

Kalimdor sites:
– Caverns of time
– Halls of Origination
– Scarab Dais
– Shapers Terrace
– Onyxia’s Lair
– The Twin Colossals
– Echo Isles
– Nordrassil
– Moonglade

WorldMap-KalimdorSomething that is to note and may save you time is that the Scarab Dais is right outside the hole you go into for the two entrances to the raids. Also, don’t fly into the middle of the training camp in the Echo Isles and think you will make it out alive when you’re waving a camera around, I guess the guards don’t like tourists…

So I had done all the major continents. I just had all the little crappy bits left that I’d forgotten about or were in annoying places.

Annoying ones:
– Deathwings Fall
– Vash’jir


For Deathwings fall, I had already Hearthstoned once finishing up in Kalimdor. Use the portal to go back to Stormwind and visit the Earthenshrine. Take the portal to Deepholm and then follow the blood trail until you get to the village/research station/weirdo brigade hanging around the massive pool of blood and take your selfie.
At this point you still have your hearthstone on cooldown, however, theres a handy portal back to Stormwind in the Temple of Earth go there and then head back to the Earthenshrine and take the portal to Vash’jir. Once you get there, just stay in the boat and take your selfie. Then its time to head back to where you came and reap the rewards (and possibly cry at the time you wasted)…




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