Hunter talents – RIP my friends, wtf Wowhead and what you should be using apparently…

I was having a squidge through Wowhead to have a look at the butchery that was imminent upon my favoured class. The thing that really hit me was that the talent ‘tree’ was getting a overhaul.

Currently we have this:

current talents

Now, there are some talents on there I wouldn’t touch with a barge pole and would not be sad to see them go. Wowhead had a nice little list of what is being removed, what is coming in and what is going to be new. You can find it here.

Having a look through the list of removed/new/moved I was suprised by some of them.

Big Game Hunter
Way of the Cobra
Dire Frenzy/Barbed Shot*
Bestial Fury
Blink Strikes
Wyvern Sting

Killer Instinct
Animal Companion
Natural Mending
Thrill of the Hunt
Venomous Bite
Born to be Wild

Swapped Place:
A Murder of Crows
Dire Stable/Scent of Blood**
One with the Pack

* Dire Frenzy was renamed to Barbed Shot but then changed to a baseline spell
¨ This is now baseline
** Dire Stable has been renamed to Scent of Blood

Ok, so that was great and all but looking at the talents currently there I personally found it hard to decipher what was going on. So first things first, lets remove all of the spells that we are not going to be able to play with anymore (and the baseline ones…)



current talents removed
Removed old talents


Oh my Christ…. Yeah that’s a lot of shit gone.
So following on from that, lets swap some shit around and stuff….

current talents moved
Moved talents

Ok, so according to what they have written, this is where everything is due to end up once the moves have taken place. it’s alright, we have crows and stampede separated again, now if only stampede didn’t suck a bunch of dicks….

Row 4 is completely vacant which looks terrifying and exciting in equal measures, with that it was time to add in the new shit.

current talents New
All Moved/New talents in place

Oh shit bois, whatttt uppppp!
Looking nice! Even if some of these will have to be checked for viability (by someone else and then I will look it up on the internet…)

There are two really big holes however. That is apparently are where two surviving artifact weapon traits will go. There was no indication on Wowhead where they would go so I just kinda shoved them in wherever….

current talents artifact
Finished talent list via the written list on Wowhead

Now everything was filled in I had a look at what ones I would probably select. Going back to the written documentation to see what the stats were for each one. Then I saw this….

BFA talents
Wowheads BFA talent list

What the actual fuck????

The listing for ‘A Murder of Crows’ said that it had been moved to the first tier in the written section but here they had it listed as on the fourth tier…

More importantly, we get camouflage back????

I guess that I will have to just wait until tomorrow to find out whats going on?
Or I could go to Icy Veins

Looking at their list, it is in fact the same as the image that Wowhead put up, not their written description, which begs the question, why and how did they fuck that one up so badly?

Icy veins suggest:
Tier 1: Dire Beast
Tier 2: Chimera Shot
Tier 3: Natural Mending (Camo is a close second for when not in raids)
Tier 4: A Murder of Crows
Tier 5: Posthaste (Binding shot for certain situations)
Tier 6: Stomp
Tier 7: Aspect of the Beast (Killer Cobra for single target but it’s not passive like AotB and not much different in output)

So the artifact talents that we were suggested to get are not on there, Dire beast hasn’t been renamed, or it was, changed back and the rename was made the baseline…
This isn’t much different to what I already run with, they’ve just changed location and from Icy Veins, you shouldn’t need to swap them about too much either (which mean even less money from Inscription, thanks Obama Blizzard.)

Now to sort out what the fuck is going to happen to all my pets!



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