Time to get Uuna I guess…

I received a notification that announced that the Discord Secret Finding Community had found a secret but it didn’t lead them to what they thought it did.

Previously there had been hype over the discovery of some small pebbles in some random-ass places, each with little puzzles leading to the next one. There was anticipation that it would lead to the Hivemind mount but as of yet, it seems to only lead to a demonic goat with seven eyes.

I had recived the first part of the set of four things to get Uuna on my Priest but seeing as that is languishing at 110 still, I took Zionxi to get the bits all over again and see if I could collect Uuna on her.

I had to use another PC to get it and I was not blessed with Tom-Tom on here so I had to use the good old internet and peoples screenshots to try and locate exactly where xx.yy were. The few comments on all of the bits you need to call up the Many-Faced Devourer were shit to say the least and didn’t give any real indication to where any of this stuff was. There were no map locations that I could see on Wowhead either, so all I had was a screenshot or two and at best a very vague description to try and work out where the hell a bit of bone was.

First up was the ‘Call of the Devourer‘ the scroll thing that you need to combine with the bones. This thing drops from Antoran Wastes in the area before the raid entrance part. It’s where all the dog things are with the traps that you have to run them over. The mobs that drop it are the Defenders, so the demon dudes that patrol around and also the ritualists who are performing spells near the alters there around where the rare can spawn on certain days.

These are the Demon Dudes, the Antoran Defenders.
These are the tormented Ritualists.

These buggers hang out in the area called the Scavengers boneyard, which coincidentally is the area that you collect one of the bones and where the Devourer is located.

There is a good few of the Ritualists and Defenders hanging around on the area where I’m standing on the map. This location is also where you pick up the first bone, The Fiend Bone.  If you are in that location on the map you will see a big ol’ green area on the floor. This is where the rare appears but if you spin your camera around from looking at the alters that are pressed into the rockface, you will see a pillar behind you with a Draenei quivering in a cage with lots of semi-circle blades hanging down.
There is a pile of scenery bones around the base of it but there is one that you can click on and it looks like a femur bone. That’s your first one!

The second one you can get from the area that Worldsplitter Skuul is found in front of the green rune on the floor.

Worldsplitter Skuul - NPC - World of Warcraft

Head to the yellow marker here are look at Skuul. To the right there is a alter with a mob conducting some demon sorcery on it. To the right of that alter is a big ol’ bone, that looks like two ribs connected to a spine segment that has an extra boney bit coming off of it. That right there is your Ur’zul Bone.

The last one is a bit of a trek. You have to head up to the three bridges and take the right hand one (should be the shortest as well) which goes straight into a cave full of imps for, surprise surprise, the Imp Bone.

imp bone

You need to go past the imp mother bathing in her fel pool (or just past the fel pool if shes not there) and hang a left up a slope to the upper level of the cave. There’s what looks like half a rib cage on your left in a fel pool and at about 1pm/2pm if we’re making directions like a clockface, there’s a small arm bone on the floor that stands out against the black floor as its all on its own.

Once you have the three bones and the original scroll thing, you need to go back to the Scavengers Boneyard and to the recess with the bone mound in the middle of it. At this point in the game you shouldn’t be able to miss it as there are usually a group of people hanging around in the area.

devourer location

On top of the pile of bones is a clickable glowing pile and once you click on it you create a bone effigy that uses all of the four items you gathered but it means it is usable by you again and again.

While you can loot the mob once a day, the downside is that Uuna is a 10% drop rate which was graciously upped from 7%. So it may take some time and many chars to get it. Which, if you go down the many chars route, you have to collect all the bones and the scroll on each char to be able to summon it.

I did manage to kill it on Zionxi before I had collected all the bits but I’m not sure if it didn’t drop because it won’t until you get everything to summon it yourself or it just was shit luck… I guess I will find out tomorrow!


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