Waste your time for the Waist of Time

Fancy doing something different after doing a World Quest World Tour?
Need something to do that can tick off some more shit on your list of ‘I dun this thing!’?Want something to do on your other chars while you funnel them loot from your main?
Got nothing to actually do on your chars but the real world is scary?
You know that feeling on a Saturday, when you have a huge lie-in and then you feel like you have wasted half a day? Fancy getting that feeling on a Wednesday?

I digress…

To get this fabulously worthwhile belt you must have already completed:

This one however, is a bloody long one, fitting for its name in every way possible.
lots of travelling between vastly different zones and hunting things down. You have to click each clue in order, for the next one to appear, much like how you acquired the past two quest driven companions you need to have to do this. Buckle up, bitches! We’re going in dry.

As your first warning!

Do not, I repeat, DO NOT allow an addon to just vendor grey quality shit willy-nilly. If you do not realise that an item has gone and then its ends up vanishing from the buyback tab then you are in for a lengthy ticket wait my dude. If you have used up all of your restore item privileges for that cycle then idk what to tell you apart from treat yo shit better!

You need to bag yourself eight items before you even start!

Thats right, eight. Some are going to be easily obtainable from the auction house if you have the gold to throw at it and others require tracking down the rando NPC that sells them…

First up is a Windwool Hood.
Not just any Windwool Hood, this one needs to be green quality. Blue just won’t cut the mustard.

Then you need to get Deathsilk Shoulders.

Then you just need to level a tailor…
Or you can find yourself a Netherweave Tunic.

Finally, a pair or Frostwoven Leggings.

If you are a Tailor anyway, gz. But!
Just make sure that you have these patterns, this is especially important if you haven’t levelled up the specific expansions skill set as these patterns range from Mists of Pandaria all the way back to Burning Crusade. So if your Cata skill set sucks ass you might need to just buy the shoulders for example.

For mats, if you are going to make them:
Windwool hood needs five Bolts of Windwool Cloth. Each bolt needs five Windwool Cloth.
Deathsilk Shoulders needs three Bolts of Embersilk Cloth and two Eternium Thread. Each bolt needs five Embersilk Cloth.
Frostweave Leggings needs five Bolts of Forstweave and one Eternium Thread. Each bolt needs five Frosrweave Cloth.
Netherweave Tunic needs eight Bolts of Netherweave and two Rune Thread. Each bolt needs five Netherweave Cloth.

While the thread you can buy from vendors, if you want to farm the cloth yourself, maybe to sell on to others who want the Waist of Time then I have a list of the places that I like to farm my cloth which might be helpful if you cant remember where all this shit drops.

So once you have your clothes. You now need four items to complete you eight bits or required gear.

These are:

Proximo’s Rudius
A unique model grey item that you can buy if your faction controls Haala in Outland Northrend. Or you get fucking lucky and someone is selling it on the Auction house… but you better have your gold ready…


This is why I told you to turn off auto vendoring of grey items!

Then you have the Rough Wooden Staff. This is sold by Inscription Vendors everywhere… It’s gonna be the one time you ask a guard where that trainer is amiright?!?!
*cries in ink*

Next up is the Punctured Pelt. This is sold by the dude who is part of that group that are turned into Worgen in Grizzly Hills. They’re near Amberpine Lodge. Good news is that if you have done the questline there, the other peeps will be hostile to you but the trader seems to have forgiven you and will be friendly. Awww… Although, even this is going for nearly 7k on my realm… and this is easily obtainable!

Lastly you have Formula: Enchant Ring – Striking.


This once mighty enchant that had the members of Wowhead puzzling over its actual stat boost is now a grey that is still being sold by the Consortium member, Ythyar, in the upper library in Kara.

Once you have this lot, now is the time for looking for shit.

Now I’n not going to pretend to be a fucking genius and know exactly how the clues relate to the next locations. Pffffff I just googled that shit. What I do appreciate is being told where and how to get to places, especially when they are everywhere and I have limited number of hearthstones etc…

The First 20 clues involve running around, Azeroth, Draenor, And Outlands. You have, have to click these items in order or it fucks everything up. Tick shit off if you need to so you know what one you have done and what one is next.
For the love of anything that is not ruined by the internet. Use TomTom.

Be prepared for this shit to take time…
Make sure your actual Hearthstone is set to somewhere you can easily make it back to your capital city. So somewhere that has a portal back or somewhere close to your capital (or in it if you fancy) but you’re going to need it at times to get your ass around the world or finding everything is going to take longer than it needs to.

Ok, saddle up!

Items to locate… In order!

Clue 1: Lit Orb. Found in Spires of Arak, Draenor.
Use your garrison hearthstone to get there and then flight path or fly over.
Tells you “Passive Ice Veins”
/way Spires of Arak 35.5 32

Clue 2: Strange Seed. Found in Elwynn Forest.
Flight path to the Ashran Hub for your faction and use the portal.
Alliance straight to Stormwind and canter into the forest.
Horde Go to Ogrimmar and then to the Dark Portal via the Mage person you can speak to and then fly up.
Tells You “Sadness, Keynoted”
/way Elwynn Forest 17.47, 56.49

Clue 3: Tiny Frog. Found back in Spires of Arak, Draenor.
Use your Shipyard Hearthstone and fly over/use flightpath.
(This is why it’s important to do them in order, if you skipped the one in Elwynn Forest. You’re fucked. start from the beginning again.)
Tells You “Dog wig moss?”
/way Spires of Arak 53.5 10.72  

Clue 4: Brittle Bone. Found in Blades Edge Mountains, Outland.
Ashran Hub for your factions capital city portal, then use the Shattrath portal and fly over/flightmaster.
Tells you “Rage, Shank, Sever”
/way Blade’s Edge Mountains 33.6 58.12 

Clue 5: Misplaced Candle. Found in Spires of Arak, Draenor.
Here’s hoping that your Garrison Hearthstone is off cooldown! Just consider the time it will take you to fuck about getting back to your capital and if it’s more than the time left on your Garrison Hearthstone cooldown.
For completion if you can’t wait for the cooldown, fly back to Shattrath from Blades Edge Mountain (use a flightpath cos that shits looonnngggg) and go to your capital from there, then take the portal to your factions Ashran Hub. Once in Draenor, take a flightpath.
Tells You “Rankest goldfish”
/way Spires of Arak 68.08 41

Clue 6: Odd Cup. Found in Shadowmoon Valley, Draenor.
Just fly 4hed. (JOKE)
No, actually, just fly.
Tells you “Ease off fruit”
/way Shadowmoon Valley:Draenor 45.72 26 

Clue 7: Interesting Rock. Found in Shadowmoon Valley, Outland.
If you have it, now would be the time to use the Ever Shifting Mirror. If you use the portal by the Alliance garrison location, you will end up by the Legion Hold Crossroads in the Outland version of Shadowmoon Valley and right near where you need to go for this clue.
If you don’t have the mirror then its back to Ashran to go to your Capital and then take the Shattrath portal from there. Fly/flightmaster over.
Tells you 
“The BIG bull”
/way Shadowmoon Valley:Outland 51.6 43.76

Clue 8: Blooming Lily. Found in Swamp of Sorrows.
I would suggest using your actual hearthstone, especially if you have actually set it to somewhere you can get to your capital portal. Once back in your capital get to Blasted Lands via speaking to one of the portal people (Lazy Alliance tho) and fly to the next zone up or just hop on a flight path from Blasted Lands to somewhere in The swamp.
Tells you “Jaws Open Nooks”
/way Swamp of Sorrows 58 31.68

Clue 9: Pretty Flower. Found in Eastern Plaguelands.
As you’re already in Eastern Kingdom, grab your nearest flightpath in the Swamp and fly up.
Tells you “Dead Rune Thug”
/way Eastern Plaguelands 24 78.04  

Clue 10: Old Book. Found in Deadwind Pass
Grab your nearest flightpath in Eastern Kingdoms and fly down. While Alliance can fly to Duskwood and wander over, Horde may need to head to the most local Horde friendly flightpoint and do the last bit on their own.
Tells you “… A Stage Deception”
/way Deadwind Pass 41 78.9

Clue 11: Poor Dead Fish. Found in Blackrock Mountain.
I seem to remember this one being a pain in the arse to actually find. But if memory serves me well, it’s near the entrance to Lower Blackrock Spire (or at least somewhere in that vicinity) So if you have been going everywhere in order, just fly over to Blackrock Mountain from Deadwind Pass and have a squint around for it.
Tells you “Necropolis Expos!”
/way Blackrock Mountain:Burning Steppes 68.75 38.75

Clue 12: Scratched Board. Found in Duskwood.
Fly on over! It’s not far and if you’re Horde a flightpath will end up being longer.
Tells you “the net saves”
/way Duskwood 52 62

Clue 13: Lost Ring. Found in Hillsbrad Foothills.
Now might be the time to find the most local flightpath, set yourself off to one in Hillsbarad and go and make yourself a cup of tea.
Tells you “Terrible grunt”
/way Hillsbrad Foothills 44.61 26.36

Clue 14: Spoiled Apple. Found in Badlands
Get on another flightpath and head down. Not quite enough time for another cup of tea but you can at least finish the one you made a minute ago.
Tells you “Leave Nets, Often”
/way Badlands 89.9 38

Clue 15: Broken Tooth. Found in Blasted Lands.
Flightpath time again. At least all of your hearthstones will be ready and waiting for when you need them!
Tells you 
“Brash remains”
/way Blasted Lands 36.78, 27.6  

Clue 16: Worn Helm. Found in Burning Steppes.
Flight path again. Not sure how many new and exciting ways I can tell you to call a fluffy/feathery WoWUber… OH. That was a new way.
Tells you “Sensed the figs…”
/way Burning Steppes 27.1 47.05

Clue 17: Leafy Leaf. Found in Dalaran in Northrend.
Holy shit bois! We are out of Eastern Kingdoms!
This one will need you to use your actual hearthstone and get to your capital. From there, use the portals to go to ‘old Dalaran’/Crystalsong Forest. If you end up in Crystalsong just under Dalaran, portal up. The leaf is near a bench, quite small but stands out against the cobbles.
Tells you “Phantasmal Hosts?”
/way Dalaran:Crystalsong Forest 42.74 20.2

Clue 18: Musty Cloth. Found in Terokkar Forest.
There should still be a capital portal in ‘old Dalaran’ so use that and then take the portal to Shattrath and just fly down.
Tells you “Scarce odds, still”
/way Terokkar Forest 40.2 72.5

Clue 19: Broken Tablet. Found in Twilight Highlands.
Just had to squeeze one last Eastern Kingdoms one out… So, in Shattrath:
Alliance can get to Stormwind and then take a flightpath.
Horde, go to your capital and then speak to the person who can teleport you to the Blasted Lands and then hop on a flightpath.
Tells you “Starfish droplets!”
/way Twilight Highlands 17.05 57.89
Clue 20: Ashed Torch. Found in Feralas.
So. Your hearthstone is probably on cooldown, so, if you are:
Alliance, you could just fly to Ironforge and use the tram to get back or just take a flightpath back to Stormwind. From there, use the portal to Caverns of Time and then fly over either by yourself or get to a flightpath for them to ferry you about.
Horde, use any other hearthstone but your Dalaran one will probably be quicker (otherwise the Draenor ones require flying to your Ashran Hub). Where ever you went to, use your capital portal. Once back in Kalimdor, get a flightpath down to Feralas.
Tells you “… a daft tormenter’s fog”
/way Feralas 60.8 67.8

So now we have done the whistle stop tour of Eastern Kingdoms with a Kalimdor ‘special mention’ we need to head over to where the last clue was pointing to.

Make sure you have your rando gear all equipped…
The Windwool hood, Deathsilk Shoulders, Neatherweave Tunic and the Frozen Leggings that you have been carting around with you.

You need to go and find an interactable NPC called Grimmy who is behind the mountsin range on the right


Go and find Grimmy:
This little dude is hanging out over the mountains to the east of the map in a little patch of farmland by the sea.
I don’t know about you but I’ve never strayed that far over so I couldn’t tell if this was added in or I’d missed this for god knows how many years…


 Anyway, if you dont know what the fuck I’m going on about, use these coordinates
/way Arathi Highlands 85 73.2
His house is set into the mountain side, so you might head into the abandoned circular Dwarf style stable to begin with but if you head near the big ol’ tree and the outhouse, you get to the door.
I think we should take some time and do some ‘Through the Keyhole’ stuff on this guy because his house is… Well. It’s different.
To start, this house seems cozy with its studio layout. The feature fireplace and dropped kitchen area with ample storage space create a sense of space without being too ‘fleshed out’ from the creature comforts this person requires…
The collection of supplies shows someone who is not concerned with getting themselves a little dirty or one who is adverse to taking the poison with the pleasantry…
They enjoy the aspect of a good meal, getting their reward from the cooking rather than the eating…
They live alone…
They live alone…
Its this dude!
Now, those four grey items you have in your bag that you totally didn’t vendor at some point to only have to scramble to buy them back, this is where they become important.
If you don’t have them on you, hes not going to say much to you.
If you do, you will be able to interact with the list on a table near him.
Click on it and he then gets a lot more talkative the next time you try and strike up conversation.
He wants you to deal with some ‘frenemies’. This is where those grey items come in real handy as you have to emote at the NPCs listed.
You have to first go to Aquinastrasz
They are in Twilight Highlands, so you could just get on a flightpath and fly down.
/way Twilight Highlands 28.39 24.77
Emote: /slap
Then you have Karnum Marshweaver
This one is in Desolace. Use your Hearthstone to get to your Capital via the portal near your hearth point.
Alliance, then use the Caverns of Time portal and get to the flightmaster nearby to make your way up.
Horde, just take a flightpath from your capital.
/way Desolace 57.41 47.63
Emote: /wave
Next up is Noggra
This one is in Zul’drak, in Northrend. So I would suggest using your Garrison Hearthstone, fly to your Ashran Hub to get to a capital portal. From your capital, take the portal to old Dalaran/Crystalsong Forest so you can get to a flightmaster and get ferried over.
/way Zul’drak 40.42 68.65
Emote: /cheer

Finally is Stained Mug
Get ready for your final hearthstone! Use your Garrison Shipyard Hearthstone. Take the flightpath to your Ashran Hub, use your capital portal and then go through the Pandaria portal. Take the flightpath up.
/way Kun’lai Summit 44.41 90.21
Emote: /dance

From here, you will need to get back to the Jade Forest portal to go to your capital.
Horde, take the portal to Blasted Lands and flightpath it back to Grimmy in Arathi.
Alliance, flightpath it back from Stormwind.

Go and talk to Grimmy again and you get to tell him that you have had words with his enemies…
He still doesn’t really tell you anything but another scrap of paper turns up, this time telling you about a recipe.

So his house is in farmland, and the farmland is used for growing potatoes.
However, they are rotten.
Find one and click on it, you get a buff with a timer attached to it. Click it exactly 144 times. No more, no less.
You get another buff. Marker which lasts two minutes.

Get yo ass back to Grimmy.

For a skeleton, he seems to have a great sense of smell and tells you something you may not want to hear but it’s enough for him to talk about the god damn loot that you came all this way and did all this shit for.

Behind his house is a lockbox that thankfully, you don’t need any help opening from your friendly local Rogue. (or Scribe! Yeah, we rub locks with paper to open them these days)

Inside is your glorious Waist of Time!



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