Uuna Scenario – An actual guide!

Finally I was able to prise her off the Many-Faced Devourer. After watching so many other people get her over the past couple of days while I was stood there constantly summoning it while waiting for my dungeon queues to pop, it felt that it was about time! You’re welcome btw…


There’s a guide on Wowhead that gives you waypoints for Tom-Tom and a few lines of text to ‘guide’ you through this questline to get you to have the upgraded Uuna in your pet journal but in true ‘guide’ style there wasn’t much in the way of actual visuals of where you should be going and what you should be doing. A waypoint is nice and all but when you are trying to find a few pixels in a whole screen of them, images to show you where you should be looking or heading for are worth more than a crazy arrow.

Starting Uuna.

From the guide I knew that I would need to take her to Shattrath City to begin it so after getting her I hearthstoned to Dalaran and then took the portal to Shattrath and went outside the city so I could actually see and read what was happening with her.

I summoned her out and waited for her to say stuff at me to trigger the /whistle that I needed to emote at her.
However, despite the guide telling me she would say three things at me all she said was ‘cold’


I did the emote and she then ran up to me and said that she heard me.


While she was looking all sweet and innocent at me she then commented that she couldn’t see anything which, as would cross the mind of anyone looking after a small child, was my cue to scare her shitless…



After she had run around screaming for a bit she despawned and I had to summon her back out again. I stood there waiting for her to start crying at me but she didn’t. I then remembered that I had to start crying at her instead.


To which the response to my ugly crying was for her to try and comfort me.


And now, Uuna was prepped to start the mission of getting her the accessories she had left scattered all over the different worlds so she could feel better about kicking some ass and chewing bublegum.

Shattrath City.

For this on, either get yo ass over there in the first place or take a short trot into the centre so you can show Uuna the big ol’ Windchime that is A’dal.


Once you are on the platform she will wander over to it and then complain that it is too bright before running off back to where she started and disappearing again.


Seems that a few Windchimes have been a bit too much for people…

Getting to Ashenvale to become friends…

Now shes pissed off again, you can get over to Kalimdor. If you don’t want a million hearthstones on cooldown you can get there by using portals alone. I’m sure there’s a similar route for the Horde but I don’t really like them atm so fuck em…

Take the portal to Stormwind from Shattrath City Centre,
Once you load into the Mage Tower, take the portal to Boralus,
Once you load into Boralus you will be in the portal room there, take the one to Silithus.

You need to get to Ashenvale and at this point, the flight master in Silithus is too busy standing there doing nothing to help counter the Horde offensive so refuses to let you use the service to get your sorry ass out of the zone, so you have two options. 1- Fly out of the zone to get a flight point or 2-go to the Bronze Dragon lady and get her to turn back the time and then go back to the flight point in the zone.

Either way, once you get to a flight master you can actually use, you need to head to Astranaar if you’re alliance and Zoram’Gar Outpost if you are Horde. They are both to the left of the zone. Bear in mid that it only cost 1 Silver to get halfway across Kalimdor yet in BfA it costs about 7 Gold to get across one zone. Those flight masters are seriously taking advantage of the fact we cant fly there…

Anyway. There’s a lake thing on the map that has no name there but is to the left of Maestra’s Post, that is where you ultimately want to be heading when you get into the zone.

See, I told you it would be more informative than just a /way…

Once you are here, have a look around until you can see a cone of light hitting the floor and two stones inside it. That is where you need to get Uuna out again.


Once you get her out, she can see you due to the light there. Yay. But then she turns away and stared at the rocks and comments about Nuu…


Pack her up and ship on out to the next part of this….

Finding god-damn Nuu…

At this point I would use your Dalaran Hearthstone as you need to go back to Argus. This is why I advocated using portals rather than your hearthstones as you might be finished with the first bit before your hearthstone was off cooldown and you would be waiting around.

Progress for this is account wide so if you need to switch onto a different char to do this bit then go for it. I did this part on Jailaa my DH for that double jump action. It was really helpful to get on top of rocks to avoid having to run through a load of mobs to get to where I needed to go.


ATTENTION! Make sure you have gliders on you before you leave the Vindicaar or be an engineer with a postbox or have the toy that you can summon Katy with to check your mail.

You want to port to Shadowguard Incursion in Mac’Aree, the actual bit where you need to fling yourself off the rock is near the entrance to the dungeon.


Once you shit yourself because you face planted into a bit of broken brickwork and you almost fell off trying to back up enough to squeeze around it to get onto the main part of the rock. You will realise that if you just double jump, use a glider or if you’re a Hunter disengage onto the little ledge bit I have highlighted, you will be fine and your pants will be shit free.

From there, you then need to aim for the next island you can see. Which looks like it would be ten times more accessible from other points than the tiny bit of rock you are stood on…


There’s a bit of the ‘island’ that dips slightly lower than the other side. You need to aim for the left side…


Once you have committed yourself and you have your goblin glider keybound, you can then throw yourself off and hope for the best. Try to remember to breathe. If you lined it up right you won’t miss!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I fucked up the take off by mistiming my jump so I just walked off the rock, so if you manage to give yourself a bit of height by jumping you will land further onto the island. But as you can see, even if you fuck it up, you should still make it comfortably.
Unless you don’t start your glider until you have started actually falling. Then sucks to be you….

On the island you need to head into the house with Uuna out and go up to her little bear that is the same as her icon in the Pet Journal. Hes at the back just sat there so you can’t miss him.


She then gets super excited about this Nuu that would know what to do…


Use your flight masters whistle to get back to the port. Go back to the Vindicaar and then take the portal back to Dalaran.
Now to get her fucking wand….

Getting her wand…

Her wand is in Bloodwatch.

So as you are in Dalaran, take the portal to the Exodar that is in the Alliance portal room. Horde will need to go to Ogrimmar and then suck it up… (hahahahaha)

Once you are in the Exodar, take the flight path to Blood watch on Bloodmyst Isle. Once you get there, you don’t have far to run.


She will pick it up and then feel better about hitting bad guys with it. Great.


There’s still one more bit that we need though so we need to go to Shadowmoon Valley.

Back to Draenor!

You can actually use your Garrison hearthstone for real this time and not as an accident as we need to go to Shadowmoon Valley in Draenor not Outland.

You need to head to a little camp around the middle area of Shadowmoon Valley.


Take the flight path to the Path of Light, which is just a little bit South East from the green marker you need.

Once you are at the Flight Master in the Path of Light, there is a light coloured path that leads to the little camp you need. The crown you are looking for is a Snapchat filter/Coachella dream that somehow made it into game… Yes. It’s a flower crown… and it is on the seat as you approach the camp.


Get Uuna out if you haven’t already and she plays dress up in it while you can quietly question your existence and why there are so many god damn skeletons around….


You can’t question much for long as Uuna gets swallowed up by void tendrils and sucked into the floor while you stand around watching…



For fuck sake child….

Off we go again….

Uuna is missing….

So this is where we work out what all the skeletons are there for.

You need to speak to a spirit healer so that mean you gotta die.

All the skeletons are from people who just flew up and then dropped to their deaths so they could get to one as quickly as possible. So, yeah… That’s what I’m going to do to.

Once you are dead, click on the spirit healer and you get a dialogue box pop up rather than the whole ‘find your corpse lazy! Or I’m going to give you rez sickness!’


Once she has told you this then you need to go and find your corpse. Which thankfully is not far and you get a dead mount to get there a little bit quicker.


Once you have found your corpse, hearthstone to Dalaran and then you can try to summon Uuna if you fancy it. But you are greeted with the following message….


Ooookaaaaayyyy…. So where now…?

Get her back from the darkness…

So now we are in Dalaran you can use the portal to get to Wrymrest Temple and start to head over to the Emerald Dragonshrine.

I fucked up and mounted up and tried to fly through the Temple to get there but it dismounted me and then I found myself falling outside the Temple. So I had to use my glider on my cape to rescue myself.


I flew around trying to find out where the hell this skull was that the crystal I needed to click was contained in.
After inspecting all the skeletons littered around the place I finally found it.


I clicked on it and entered the final scenario…

The dark…

Clicking the crystal takes you into a dark zone that reminds me of the area where you have to save Tyrande in End Time, which coincidentally, her part is set in the Emerald Dragonshrine.

End Time ‘Echo of Tyrande’
The Dark

Before going too far I made a macro for using at the right time that makes you win the scenarion.

If you make a macro containing
/tar Uuna
Then you can spam it when the time is right and not have to be typing and trying to run into the mobs.

Uuna is right in the middle and I had to /cheer at her to make her realise that I was there but it was apparently too dark for her to see me so I had to set out a cooking fire for her to provide light.
I mean, couldn’t I have just done that instead of taking her to Shattrath and then Ashenvale? Jesus Christ…

Once that is done, she tells you that shes been running from the boogymen but they keep finding her, then she does her berst Poltergiest impression and tells you ‘They’re here…’


Being a Hunter I can see all the dots on my map to see where these boogymen were coming from. Which helped the mad running around as they are fucking black against a dark background… I thought they would be like the Many-Faced Devourer when I saw one slowly lurching its way over but as I got closer to body slam it away, it became something a bit more creepy…


I decided to not chase the first ones around and wait for them to get a bit closer before body slamming them. It was going great until I was overrun and Uuna ended up having her brains eaten by one of them…


Turned out that I had completely missed the cue to spam my macro. There are two lines that are given before the crucial line where Uuna wraps her arms around herself and cries. If you spam the shit out of the button then you can get the /hug in to end the scenario before the dark dudes eat her again.


Uuna then goes supernova and blows the shit out of them all.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After this, she is about to go to the light and ascend and see her parents again but she decides to blow them off and hang around with you so she can see the world. Cue eye roll. I’m pretty sure this was never part of the deal…

This is the part where you have to drag a child around with you while you look at things that bore you shitless but she find endlessly fascinating. Great.

Onward for the World Tour!

When I get the enthusiasm to go that it…



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