Getting that Goat -Baa’l

It’s 2am and I have nothing better currently to do with my life so I decided to have a crack at collecting all of those pebbles to get the demon goat, Baa’l

I took my boat to Nazmir and headed for the Heart of Darkness as you have to climb to the top of it to get the scroll that begins it all.

getting to scroll

So the easiest way it to run around the outside from the Fort Victory flightpoint in a anti-clockwise direction. Stay above the temple where it is sunken and the Blood Trolls are. Once you get to the west side of it there is a bit where there are red glowing mobs but you can see a bridge that has been strung out by the Blood Trolls to assist with you getting to the top. There weren’t any mobs around on or near the bridge when I did it so I just legged it across and started hunting around for where the fuck this first note was supposed to be. The guide on Wowhead said nothing descriptive about where it was, it was just ‘on the top’ well, it is and it isn’t. It is on one of the decorative outcroppings on the side. lower down than the top so it means that you either have to double jump if you are a DH, place a very well aimed mount jump if you are something else or use a goblin glider to get it.

location of scroll

Once clicked, the things glows with void energy and then gives you your first clue.

first clue

Pebble 1

Back we go to Dalaran, so use your hearthstone and head over to the Broken Shore and to that den where Drak’thul is. He still tells you to ‘Go away’ so ignore him and look on the table. There are some dark pebbles and a light one, similar to the one that you found to get your dog from Draenor to Dalaran. You rub it and then it tells you it is an ordinary pebble. Good. Just what we wanted to know. Before you leave to go back to BfA land, get some Goblin Gliders. Go to Stormwind via the portal, get your gliders and then take the portal back to Boralus. If you have your gliders already, now use your actual hearthstone which should be set to your BfA city.

first pebble

Pebble 2

If youre Alliance, you have a short walk! It’s near the PvP quest givers and the Ashenvane Docks.

location of second pebble

You’re looking for two bits of cargo net strung out under a jetty. Wander in and due to the seaweed there you end up seemingly falling through a hole into a very unremarkable cave.

net for second pebble

Right in the middle is the pebble. Rub it. Rub it gooooooood. It does absolutely nothing. Dosen’t matter. You have pleased the demon goat enough that you can now find your next one to rub.

location of first shown wide view
Pebble is where my trap is.

Pebble 3

Run back to the flight point as you need to go to the boat. So Alliance can just run back through the harbor, Horde… Do what you want… (No love lost, can you tell?) You need to get the skipper to sail you to Ziga-zigar Zuldazar and you need to take the flight point to Veiled Grotto (if you have it, otherwise its a long run to the Golden Road).

pebble 3
Make like you are heading to the entrance for Kings rest except instead of running into the temple, do across to the grey platform/stone just past that ‘entrance’ and then follow a thin windy path along the cliff side to the right.
Once you are past the waterfall, go to the corner of the mountain and the temple and jump like you have ever jumped before. You will make it over that little bit and then you can follow the side of the temple until it clears out a bit.
Follow the incline over the top and then down until you will end up at a point where you will fall off but if you look down you will see trees.
Jump forward and deploy your glider. Circle close to the hill side and land in the bunch of trees closest to where you jumped from. There is a little cave in there. The pebble in to the left as you go in, near the pillar and the tree. Rub it good and then hearthstone back.

peb 3 location in cave
This is what you see when you go in. Trap marks location.

Pebble 4

Take the flight point to Arom’s Stand. You need to go through where the spirits and bones are locked into an eternal battle and strategically jump down the cliff to get to a waterfall.

peb 4

Remember in Pandaria when Chen Stormstout’s Niece, Li Li, told us to always look behind waterfalls for caves? This is that moment.

peb 4 location

Witchy goings on are in here and in the statues eye-socket is where you will find your pebble. Rub it…

peb 4 in eye

Flight-masters whistle it out of there. Head back to your main city as the next one is in Vol-Dun. So Alliance ask your skipper kindly if you can have the big ol’ boat take you out there…

Pebble 5

This one is near the Turtle Bois. “A turtle has made it to the water!”

peb 5

Head to Tortaka Refuge and then once you are dropped off, go right slightly and down through the gap between the green hill and the stone stack. Eg; the watery flight master will be on your left and Churka the turtle on your right. Jump down the rocks heading to your left. You should end up near a tree.

peb 5 tree

Walk into it and you drop straight down.

Right in front of Clatterback. Holy fuck that thing is terrifying. And in case you were wondering, it cannot be tamed out of the way. The pebble is close enough to get without getting aggro on it thank fuck.

peb 5 clatterback

There’s a small mound just away from the wall in front of you if you have your back to the tree and Clatterback is on your right. Rub that thing very quickly and run the fuck out of there. Once away from it, take the flight path back to Shatterstone Harbor so that you take your boat back to your main city (or if you’re Horde just walk, run, w/e there…)

peb 5 locaion
Yes, I was shitting myself trying to get this one…

Pebble 6

Now you need to head to the Shrine of the Storm flight point in Stormsong Valley as you need to go to one of the islands near there.

peb 6

Once you get there, you can throw yourself off the waterfall at the bottom of the path to get out to sea but bear in mind that the first drop will wipe off most of your health and then the second drop has one solitary fucking eel waiting for you…

After you make it across the water, go past the woman dressed up as a murloc and looking after the lost tadpoles and up the hill. You want to weave backwards and forwards as you go up. Reaching the big tree there with the rocks at its base, go in. There are a few mobs in there with like 50k health so just pick them off

peb 6 cave first look

Follow the cave around until you get to a big open space in there. There is a chest being guarded by two mobs to the right (if you went in the way I did) so kill them and then get that but before you actually leave, check the little wheelbarrow at the back of the big room that has been discarded and the pebble is in there. Give it a rub…

peb 6 find

Head outside and use your whistle, then get back to the boat. We’re off to horde land again.

Pebble 7

This is the one where you can die out at sea. We need to you go to Nazmir and then off the north coast. Fatigue zone here we come!

peb boat location
Courtesy of SerroDan as I completely forgot to screenshot anything here!

You need to find the sunken ship out here at the location above and most guides would suggest that you get the speed boost for your mounts before setting off so that you can maximise the approximate 10 seconds you have to get this pebble.

However, when I was doing this I found there are more than one way to skin a cat…

When I first tried there was there was no one with the AH mount around (it’s now 3:15 am) so I went to Stormwind to buy the hoofplates but used the portals to get there so that I could save my actual hearthstones.
I got back to the beach in Nazmir and set out my Water Strider to go and find this thing. I got to the marker I had placed and then switched to my Fathom Dweller to swim down…

Courtesy of SerroDan

I got to the back of the boat and found the ‘pebbles’ and I died before finding the right one to click.

As I waited out the res sickness I had a think about what I could do differently and tried a different method.

There was a post on Wowhead about using the anglers fishing raft and different druid forms. Each form granted a different speed on the raft meaning that the speed of the raft could be influenced by your own personal speed boost. I wondered if the raft would then be faster than the strider…

It turned out that even with the 20% speed buff, the Water Strider gave me 220% speed. The raft, when spamming the space-bar, gave me 252% speed. So the raft was going to be the best one to get out into the location and beat that fatigue bar.

The second thing I decided on was using an Anchor. There was only one Felslate Anchor for sale and it was nearly 1k… Putting the anchor on my bars, this had better work!

So I headed out to just before the fatigue zone and then got on my raft. This gave me some space to get up to speed. I then went out to the dot, dismissed the raft and clicked the anchor. Down I went and the thing ran out just as I hit the top deck with only half my fatigue bar gone and swam to the back of the ship. Clicking on the pebble I rubbed it and I had a few seconds of fatigue left.

Courtesy of SerroDan. This is the one to click!

Regardless what happens now, I had it!

I died and Bwonsamdi asked if I had died because I was in over my head… Yeah, smartass but I don’t care… Take that res sickness and take those ten minutes steadying your nerves!

Pebble 8

Hearthstone back to your BfA city. The next one is in the Hedge-maze in Proudmoore Keep. The entrance into the maze, go in and then head left. There is a tree that has a partly hidden basement hatch there.

hedge maze

Go in and have a look at the barrel next to the crates. the pebble is tucked in behind them near the wall. Rub it!

peb 7 find

Pebble 9

Need to go to Drustvar now and the island that has the lighthouse on it. Walk round the island until you get to the base of it and then find a small wooden platform with a jutting out flat bit of rock next to it with a Sentinal positioned there.

peb 8 jump point

Jump off, get your glider out and then turn right, towards the cave that is in the cliff face.

peb 8 jump to cave

Once you land, the pebble isnt actually in the cave. It’s on the rocks just outside. Rub it! Althought it would be nice to pick up that pile of gold pieces that are lying around in the cave. The skeleton sure isn’t going to use them anymore…

peb 8 getting

You could run back to the flight master, or you could just be lazy like me and use your whistle…

Pebble 10

Might want to strip naked for this one.

peb11 loac

Take a flight point to near Kenning’s Lodge in Tiragarde Sound. You need to mosey around the snow covered mountains for this and find a little bunch of trees. The cave is in the middle of them. Hunters, you will notice even before you get in there that there are the dots for the Clatterbacks. There are five of them. Most of the time you will need to just keep dying until you get to the pebble and then keep dying until you can get out again.


If you have a stealth or use a invisibility potion then good for you, use it to get through but unless you can see where theses things are you are going to end up very much dead.


Hunters can stealth and avoid them (if you have taken that talent of course) but as soon as you touch the pebble, you need to wait for your stealth to come off cooldown before going out again.


I found a spot to click on it without summoning the Clatterback but you may not be so lucky! Hearthstone back if you are Alliance, Horde will have to fly…

Pebble 11

This one is north of Boralus in the area that is above the ‘i’ and ‘n’ in the ‘Tradewinds Market’ sign on the map.


Start off by going up to the graveyard past the profession traders area and then head up the mountain a bit. You need to go past the waterfall you can see first (and the one you can see from the city.) and head out to the cove where there is a tent and a campfire.
Lime up the rocks to the right side of the visible cave, head towards the trees and jump over the rocks that are against the cliff side. You will eventually see that you can jump down into another cave.


There isn’t any mobs in here but there are loads of pebbles…


The one you need is actually under the scroll that touches the floor. If you stand on it and then pivot your camera so that it is almost looking up at you, you should be able to make it out. Rub it!

scroll peb

You will need to use either your hearthstone or flight-masters whistle here as you can’t get back out of the cave again… If you use the whistle, you might end up on the other side of the dock gates in Boralus which isn’t the end of the world for the next one.

Pebble 12

This one is near Boralus in the harbour area. There is an underwater cave to get to, again…

water cave 12


Stick near Proudmoore Keep and dive under the water. You need to head down to where there is some seaweed, tall plants and some rocks with brown silt covering the tops. Swim down through the seaweed and you enter into the cave.


When you get to the land inside the cave, you want to head to the patch of seaweed on the right closest to you. The pebble is in there but you might need to wave your cursor over it until you find it.


Rub it and then head out. Use your flight-masters Whistle and head back to your boat as you need to get over to Vol’Dun for the last bit of pebble rubbing…

Pebble 13

Unlucky for some? Might be if you drown or hit the fatigue bar without finding the ‘rest’ points!


This one I would just go to the top most point of Vol’Dun, look out North East and then start putting in the points to go. There are no visible markers that can guide you to where you need to be so using Tom-Tom is going to save you a lot of problems. However! The reset points are not that far out and you can easily get to them without killing yourself.

First rest point is at /way Zandalar 47.7 -3 you can still see the shoreline when you get to it.


The rest point is huge though and when Tom-Tom tells you that it is going to be over 1k yards away you end up running about 500 of those in the first rest zone meaning that your fatigue bar hardly drops when you get to the next one.

The next one if you put in /way Zandalar 55.72 -10.21 it will lead you to where the cave entrance is while passing over the rest zone.


I only have the Fathom Dweller to swim with so I made sure that I filled up my fatigue bar before I started swimming down. If you hug the cliff while doing so then your bar doesn’t start until you are almost at the cave anyway.

Once you go in, holy shit. Blizzard clearly wanted to fuck with peoples heads over this! There are hundreds of pebbles all over the floor…


The one you really need however, is back at the cave mouth. ….. ……


Rub it good and then you get a message pop up…


Time to use that Garrison hearthstone again!

That bloody goat…

Head over to Frostfire Ridge flight-point and once you land, mount up and fly (exciting!) to Collosal Falls which is East of the neutral flight point that Alliance players get dropped off at.

last map

back to work

The giant goat is Baa’l but once you get your upgraded Uuna out then she will shake her wand at it and Baa’l will shrink in size.


All you need to do it just kill it and then you get Baa’l’s Darksign which allows you to summon a demon goat of your very own!

I forgot to heal my battle pets and still was able to get him with this shitty old vulture. Although my character went through a rollercoaster of emotions after the fight… Jumping for joy at winning, then instantly bawling her eyes out because the vulture died but when it resurrected, she was jumping for joy again…

Baa’l says some shit that has an anagram of Seek Knowledge in the capital letters. That’s your next clue for the Waist of Time belt that’s the last step in this particular puzzle.

Enjoy your goat though! For the few minutes that you actually have something summoned…



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