Guild Chat

Being in Classic has introduced something that I haven’t seen for a long time, guild chat that you actually have to scroll back on to make sure you haven’t missed anything.

Since leaving the last guild due to most people switching Horde for raiding (which then didn’t work out lul) I just collected all of my alts under the banner of my bank guild.

The Classic guild we have has nearly 450 chars in it, which means that there is nearly 100 people online at least during the day, more so in evenings and weekends. It also means that Guild Chat is colourful and constantly active.

Here are a collection of the highlights!

“Brooke gonna have to ding twice”

Brooke gonna have to ding twice

This was when the dungeon layer exploit was about to be cracked down. We had been keeping an eye on Brooke as earlier in the day they had been 20% off from Ding.

After the enjoyment of our first lvl 60 we were all busying ourselves with catching up on professions and what not as it was quite late at night.

Then the dreaded yellow text came in.

What I did miss in this screen grab merger was Yorkshireman had only just logged in not that long ago…
And was then told he was going to be forcibly removed in fifteen minutes whether he liked it or not.


cage first

We had a spate of people linking the fucking thing in GC so the executive decision was that the Guild needed a prison of sorts where you could chuck people who just don’t shut the fuck up (among other things).

The cage wasnt around during the original spamfest of 2019 but it was implemented and used when the Blade was mentioned before.

Bloodbottler however, had only mentioned it innocently but the rule must be obeyed at all times! And it’s pretty funny seeing people slip up when everyone suddenly grabs the popcorn and waits for the caging event…

Kudos to Santapuella and Percival for keeping their convo going while Kfcfarm is REEEEEEEEEEEEEE-ing!

“Summoning Stick”

summoning god

So, if anyone says something ‘dramatic’ like “oh shit” or as above, repeats someones name, we have an unwritten policy to repeat it. We like to join in the moment regardless if we know what is going on or not.

While I and Clea were laughing our assess off at Yorksiremans response, Helta was on the ball and responded with the “you called?”

If only /shakes did in fact summon Helta…

“Pineapple on Pizza”

a topic close to our heart

I have no fucking clue how this even started but discussing pineapple on pizza is a topic that everyone gets behind.

Some sick fucks (jk jk) even turn the conversation to banana on pizza…

This debate can go on for quite some time, totally monopolising the guild chat…

However, it seems as though the guild can get swiftly side tracked from Pineapple pizza…

Kindergarten for grown ups

Nice input there Helta…

“Option 3 isn’t available”

Depends isnt an option

There was a discussion about some thing actually in game for once. While that in itself isn’t that amazing or funny, the fact that Quontro logged in and within two seconds had activated the sass button.

“Oh Shit”

Adding to the shit

Never did find out what we were shitting ourselves over…

Last but not least, we have

“Gina G would be proud”

Gina G would be proud

I think this was the first time we had seen someone pick up some Mageweave Cloth. We were up to our eyeballs in Linen and Wool and Silk was no longer the shiny cloth it had once been.

This was a niche joke that probably only Brits and those Eurovision megafans would get but “oooh ah, a little bit more!”



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