Are you prepared?

A fellow guildie asked her wow followers on twitter if they were ready for the new patch and what they had done to prepare.  Most people had farmed all the things they felt they could possibly need. Probably a good idea. I myself have done shit all. Apart from giving stuff to people who are preparing.

‘Why you fool?!’ I can hear you shout
Well, rather than having two people half prepared why not have one person fully prepared (obviously make sure that person is someone you know and not a randomer) and then the other person (namely me) can run around like a loon collecting stuff when everyone has worked out what in hells name is going on.

Sounds like a plan to me…

Going on about the new patch, I read the notes, read the comments and watched the trailer. The biggest thing for me was that 1- pandas are cute and 2- do they wear underwear as I want to make one and have it wandering around naked like a teddy bear giving out hugs.

Priorities right there.


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