Azeroth Scenery – Jade Forest

Screenshots taken from inside WoW showcasing the beautiful graphical design that goes into the game. Check out more by clicking here. It's been a while since I was in Pandaria, either farming or questing. But the place is beautiful. Here are some of my favorite locations and screenshots from the Jade Forest.

Fire and Bloody Horde

While we were on the Timeless Isle there was a guild shout for help with a rare, The Archiereus of Flame that had surprised the party members with the amount of adds that popped up. "We need a raid!" WOO Three of us had already partaken in the killing of the ghost pirate ship (Not …

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Chests on the Timless Isle

So today I decided that I was going to get the chest achievement Extreme Treasure Hunter, which meant that I had to get to my chest nemesis on top of those bloody pillars. The Gleaming Treasure Chest is the first one you have to get before you can see the rest of them. The pillars have a gap …

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Timeless Isle fun

We have all been having fun on the Isle. There has been a bit of ganking but mostly people have been keeping their faction differences to themselves. I have many times pulled my pet off a Horde member and today had someone do the same to me. Along with the previous instance where myself and …

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Noodle Carts!

Today, I met up with Mac and we decided to get our Noodle Carts going.The quest started with a sign that you find in a pile of rubble on the Timeless Isle and you work your way around the Isle, dungeons and Halfhill.Unfortunately, I'd already put all the cooking ingredients I didn't think I'd need …

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Are you prepared?

A fellow guildie asked her wow followers on twitter if they were ready for the new patch and what they had done to prepare.  Most people had farmed all the things they felt they could possibly need. Probably a good idea. I myself have done shit all. Apart from giving stuff to people who are …

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