Fire and Bloody Horde

While we were on the Timeless Isle there was a guild shout for help with a rare, The Archiereus of Flame that had surprised the party members with the amount of adds that popped up.

“We need a raid!” WOO

Three of us had already partaken in the killing of the ghost pirate ship (Not sure how you kill a ship but Blizzard thinks it’s possible) and Horde and Alliance worked together in perfect harmony (and by that I mean, we didn’t kill each other on purpose)

This one however was the turning point of our delicate truce/friendship.

Vinz summoned the rare. We were working our way around the adds, hoping to clear them all before we took it on. When we were almost to the back of the area, Horde trotted into our freshly cleared entrance and pulled the rare.

[Raid][Rolypoly]: KILL THE HORDE

Who were we to argue with the Guild Master?

It was like a game of rugby, we scrummed for the rare and then started flooring all the Horde who tried to take it from us. Kill Kill Kill Kill. We won the rare back and ploughed through them all, The Horde, for the most part after that, left us alone. The ones that didn’t we mercilessly ganged up on. I don’t quite know what happened (well, I know what happened to me, I stood in flaming shit on the floor) but when I ressed, the rare had reset. Conversation soon turned to dragging the rare down the slope away from the flame-flinging pains in the arse. I spotted a Horde hiding in a bush (it pays to be a hunter and be able to see everything) “Did you say kill the horde? ;-)” I asked in raid chat.
‘SAP’ popped up on my screen “fml” was my only utterance in raid chat as I started battling with a god-damn rogue arsehole.

[Raid][Rolypoly]: at the back!

I got out of the sap-stab-stabbity-stab routine by popping my ‘Every man for himself’ racial, so I could at least get some attacks in myself. Some knoblett netted me and the rogue vanished (I truly hate them, guild rogues excluded ofc) in the (my) confusion of trying inflict pain on the rare and keep an eye on the mini-map I forgot to use my ‘flare’. I turned my attention to the rare and keeping out of the shit on the floor.

We took control of the adds that were coming along to play and managed to down them without too much trouble. Always keeping an eye on the Horde that had come along to watch. The fight didnt seem to take that long (pays to have most of RT1 in the group) and he was down. Some people got their Burdens some (including me) got vanity items and a couple got nothing D:

With that done, we went about our business and carried on farming for rep… Oh joy…


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