Me so pro!

Just a little bit of self promotion here! Through my horde days you needed a dps meter to see how close you were from being kicked from a lfr group. Now for me it’s used to see how I’m performing against the other people in the raid. In lfr I look to see if I’m anywhere close to the other hunters, doesn’t matter what spec they are, I just want to be beating them (petty as it may seem but if I’m doing better than them, I feel like I’m doing ok)

Chizal is on the 3k valor part of the legendary questline. We were going to do a quick (if any current lfr can be classed add quick…) run on the Gates of Retribution. The queue time was 45 minutes, to be honest, we couldn’t be arsed with that! We weighed up the options for ‘quick’ valor. We could pug a group for scenarios and a dungeon to bag us 130 vp, we decided to go to ToT Pinnacle of Storms. 4 minute queue and we only missed one boss.

Chizal was healing, and I was doing my standard pew-pew. I’d made a wager that I would die on the last boss and it would be by the lightning whip. True to form it is where I met my maker. I wasn’t even trying to die there to prove a point, it’s just I never know where to stand when he is chucking that thing about. That attempt ended in a wipe and even though I was dead for half of it I still had my eye on the meter. I’d been pipped to the post by a DK during that effort, sad times.

The went at it again. I was in group five so as instructed my group were to run around like chickens during the intermission. As Chizal was in group two I headed to green so he could keep me up (in lfr the only healers I trust are the ones I know) and so this sassy chicken ran off to green. We stood in the swirly puddles like good little palidins and hunters. You could see the mess going on at the other stations where ‘don’t stand in the shit!‘ was going on.


Anyway… I steadily worked my way through my rotation. Things did get a bit lax when the wind thingy started and I had to keep straifing one way and running the other to keep myself semi still so I could still fire. There was the bouncing balls of lightning, adds from the intermission that we still hadn’t cleared up and then DBM announces that my favourite way to die is going to happen shortly, girder your loins…
After all the times I’ve run this, it was the first time I noticed that there was grey foggy stuff on the floor that people were avoiding. AHA! This must be where lightning whip goes on! I could see that the floor is grey and the fog was grey, helpful. I concluded that the only place I would be safe was behind the boss or over the other side of the room. Boss was closer. So while everyone was running away at full tilt, I swaggered up behind him, got a face full of Mogu arse and kept shooting arrows into it.
If I were him and I had someone yelling at me, punching me in the legs (he’s tall) and battering me with a shield and someone else continually poking me in the bottom with arrows. I’d ignore the little guy having a tantrum at me feet and knock out the the one using me like a pin cushion. One can only assume that the tank was shouting ‘yo mama’ insults at him to keep his attention so well.

The moral of this long winded story is that I am feeling particularly smug due to my Skada result. Obviously it’s an old raid to be doing but even then you get players with decent ilvl and have more of a clue about what they’re doing than me. So one can only assume that the DK Néon was having an off day…


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