Jewelcrafting update 6.0

With the coming of 6.0 we had a big change of stats. No more exp or hit meant that the stats that gave these were changed into other stats. Enchants were affected and also gems. 

I’d previously created a huge guide on what gems did what and now this information is largely out of date. The names of gems and what they do is now wrong as is the tables I’d Mage as a quick reference guide. 

The parent and hybrid gems theory is still correct although the gain in each stat is now considerably lower due to the stat squish. It’s about time that I updated the tables so that the information of what makes what is correct (and for no other reason than to see the changes when I look back in a few years!)

The stat squish has now meant that there are more of gems that provide the same stats just for different colour gem slots, and also some hybrid gems that now provide the stats of parent gems. 


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