PvP woes and success

Most days we have a RBG session to 'take out your real-life stress on those hordies - they totally deserve it' We always try to make it a guild run (need 8 people to be from Jesters to make a win rbg win also count as a guild win) but try as we might, for many nights …

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Protecting the BMAH

We got a call from in guild for everyone to help at the BMAH (Black Market Auction House) as a guildie was having some trouble with a Horde trying to out bid her on some boots. These were heroic Powder-Stained Totemic Treads Valora was being camped by some Horde and as we had already dealt …

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Timeless Isle fun

We have all been having fun on the Isle. There has been a bit of ganking but mostly people have been keeping their faction differences to themselves. I have many times pulled my pet off a Horde member and today had someone do the same to me. Along with the previous instance where myself and …

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