Cloth Farming

While collecting cloth for Emava, I used a profession guide to help me find the best places for cloth I hadn’t thought about farming for (see ‘Websites I love tab up at the top). Some I had seen drop while finding loot for Pazima to disenchant (like linen and netherweave) But the one thing that disrupted game play was having to switch between pages to get an idea of the zones if I wanted to do a sweep and see what I could farm close together. So here for my benefit as much as yours is a quick guide to places to farm each cloth type (if you’re not feeling lazy enough to buy it off the ah)
Because I’m mean, this only works for Alliance 🙂

Cloth: Head to Sentinel Hill in Westfall. The battle that is going on means constant respawns of mobs that you can get cloth from. Also they do drop loot you can disenchant too.


Wool: This can be farmed in Wetlands. If you head near the Nelf place there is an ongoing war between whelpstealers and slavehunters, while they are knocking seven shades of shit out of each other, round them up and blast them.


Silk: The place I always had to is Uldaman. You can clear all the mobs up to it (don’t get lost though) and then clear the instance. It helps being a hunter as I can see all the mobs that are waiting to be killed and know when I have done all the outside ones and am ready to head in to the dungeon.


Mageweave: This is one cloth that I’ve never actively farmed. Someone was selling hundreds of it for 5g a stack on the ah so I didn’t need to bother with farming (result) But Zul’Farrak is the place to go, get all the mobs, reset, get all the mobs, reset, get all the mobs… You get the idea.


Runecloth: Hello Hellfire Ramparts! A trip to Outland is required for this one to maximise your farming. Just like the mageweave, keep running it until Blizzard says ‘steady in, let someone else have a go’.


Netherweave: This is where my guide goes completely away from others. The best place for me is Kara. Thousands of mobs to loot, lots of cloth and greens to disenchant. Plus you might even get a mount if you’re lucky!


Frostweave: Bane of my farming life. Icecrown is the place to go. My favourite spot is the Cathedral of Darkness. Those Zelots are ripe for the picking and spawn pretty quickly. I find them better than the Converted Heroes as even though they are in hefty groups of 6-7 you really need to keep mounting up to get to them all quickly. If an opposing faction member knoblett is in the Cathedral then do these.


Embersilk: Tol Barad Peninsula and the Restless Front. The Restless Soldiers and Infantry are bashing each other to death and you can swoop in and help them on their way. It’s a shame that they got rid of the spot in Deepholm where the troggs were. Many a time there would be a variety of levels tentatively moving around each other trying to refrain from attacking the opposition while Embersilk farming. Fun times and the drop rate was amazing.


Windwool: This one is pretty easy, as it drops off any humanoid in Pandaria just go to where there are lots of them! Also don’t forget you can also plant Windshear Cactus Seeds to catch Windwool as it floats past!

Sumptuous Fur: Tbh, if you have the traps and garrison buildings set up to maximise this then you can kinda get a constant supply but if you just want them of the odd occasion for Goblin Gliders or the like then I have to say that I run to Shadowmoon Valley and kill the quest mobs there. The respawn rate is off the charts so you won’t need to hang around much and they are pretty clustered together. Loads of wolves and loads of elephant things to kill. Wolves to the west, elephants to the east. There are the goat/antelope things around the middle but a lot of them are galloping around so if you’re melee you have to catch them first…


Shal’dorei Silk: So this some can drop from any humanoid type things so you’re really looking for a fast respawn rate. Personally, I like the areas that I went to to farm the Field Medic title before they removed First Aid. The runespeakers in Stormheim are quest mobs so you can literally stand at a stone and either just shoot them or taunt them to you. The Murloc village that’s being invaded by lobster bois in Val’sharah is also a fucking fast respawn, one lap around the island and they are already back up. Chose your poison pretty much and don’t forget that you can have a shoulder enchantment to allow you to find more.

Lightweave Cloth: Just here for completion as holy fuck, this cloth is pointless. If you have a desperate need to farm this and doing world quests or the kill a bazillion demons isnt bringing home enough… then head to Mac’Aree on Argus. Head north-west from Triumvirate’s End where your teleporter pad is and obliterate shit there.


Tidespray Linen
Deep Sea Satin

So this one again you want fast respawns. Which means quest areas for levelling or world quest areas. The Venture Co. on the islands next to the Tortollen place in Stormsong Valley is pretty good, unless there is the fucking WQ mob patrolling around. Otherwise, I like Drustvar. Somewhere near Watchman’s Rise is good. The Hexthralled troops are pretty much all quest mobs so they respawn quick and there’s a chance for you to find a group who is also looking for the mount to drop so you can do two things at once!


New BfA cloth is inc!


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