Crafting materials from Warlords of Draenor

  With the up and coming expansion there are a whole bunch of new mats. The adding of the reagents bag that you can now craft directly from it, even if your not remotely near a bank. Also the fact that these mats now stack to 200 means that gathering is now less of a …

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Small stories of past events

While I was playing on Horde I experienced some new content. New to me anyway. While It’s been some time since they happened and I have slept many times since then, it means I cannot rightly remember everything that happened, they do bring back some good memories. So rather than file them away on some …

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Cloth Farming

While collecting cloth for Emava, I used a profession guide to help me find the best places for cloth I hadn't thought about farming for (see 'Websites I love tab up at the top). Some I had seen drop while finding loot for Pazima to disenchant (like linen and netherweave) But the one thing that …

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