Oddly Coloured Egg – New Pet mat guide

Sun Darter Hatchling 2

The new Sun Darter Hatchling has been discovered by those on Discord. A very basic ‘how-to’ has been put up on Wowhead however, if you don’t fancy clicking through nearly 80+ separate pages to find out what you need and from where then you’re in luck!


Where the fuck is it??? I want it NOAW!

The egg itself is found in a cave called the Caven of Consumption behind Moonglade, the place where you go to kill that demi-god fish thing in the pond there during one of the festivals… descriptive, I know.

Alright, stop complaining about my shitty directions, Moonglade is here…
Where is Moonglade

The cave pacifies you so you pretty much can’t do anything but consume potions and get your pets out (way-hey) which means that to do anything in there will require things other than how much you can dps-whore. (Or heal-whore depending on what you prefer)

Ok, so I know where it is, but what the fuck do I do???

Yeah, this bit is interesting. So to start with lets just state the obvious. If you don’t want to spend gold on the AH to get the potions you are going to have to compete this on an Alchemist. Why? Because you will need to farm the recipes needed for the potions and they are BoP.
Picking up recipe

If we assume that you don’t want to drop a lot of gold and are just going to farm it then you need to know what you will have to get and then where to find it, right?

OMG, just tell me what I need!!!!1!1!!

Alright, here’s the list of what you need for one person to get through to the pet. But don’t frettle petal, I will go into lists of where to get these in a bit.

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Crafting materials from Draenor



With the up and coming expansion there are a whole bunch of new mats.

The adding of the reagents bag that you can now craft directly from it, even if your not remotely near a bank. Also the fact that these mats now stack to 200 means that gathering is now less of a strain on your precious bag space once your out and about. A bonus to skinners as you won’t be having to trash items just to make room for yet another stack of 20 leathers.


Materials are now more cross purpose than ever before. With the whole spectrum of mats being used for a whole manner of things for each profession. Jewelcrafters needing herbs and alchemists needing meat are some of the things that will affect how players trade materials and also how they utilise their Garrisons.


Players who are in it to make gold have an oppertunity to have an Enchaters Study to disenchant the gear that they don’t need to sell on the dusts etc… The Barn provides the skins and furs etc… The work orders to do these take time though, so people with the gathering professions will be where the mats are at in the start of the expansion.



There are four mats that you can’t farm as it were as they are a chance drop on creation of something else.

Sorcerous Earth, Air, Fire and Water are able to be obtained when you create things via the professions listed below. As they are used by all creating professions in one way or another they are going to be a valuable resource. They are needed in varying quantities for lots of different things, like the gems, as the mats for these items have a daily cooldown one can safely assume that you will gather them in a reasonable time frame so you are not wasting mats just to try and get these elements.

They are not gathered by farming materials.

What profession you are creating items for determines what elements will be created alongside. This is to avoid any one profession being almost required if you want to obtain the elements. If Inscription provided all the elements then most if not all people would have it, which would then result in tone of the small plots in Garrisons being dictated to include a Scribes Quarters or the player in question would didn’t build the Quarters being at a disadvantage over those who who did.

Sorcerous Earth has a chance to be obtained by creation of items from the following professions:

  • Blacksmithing
  • Inscription
  • Jewelcrafting
  • Leatherworking

Sorcerous Air has a chance to be obtained by creation of items from the following professions:

  • Enchanting
  • Engineering
  • Jewelcrafting
  • Tailoring

Sorcerous Fire has a chance to be obtained by creation of items from the following professions:

  • Alchemy
  • Blacksmithing
  • Enchanting
  • Engineering

Sorcerous Water has a chance to be obtained by creation of items from the following professions:

  • Alchemy
  • Inscription
  • Leatherworking
  • Tailoring

Each profession can create two different types of elements and each element can be found by four different professions.

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front copy

This is going to be a big thing.
And a time consuming one unless you plan.

Levelling your Garrison

Your Garrisons level up as you fill the previous tiers plots. So if you only ever fill the Large plot on your level 1 Garrison, it will only be level 1, even if you personally hit level 100.

The plots available to you are set, so at level 1 you have two set sized plots and at level 2 you have 4 set sized plots plus 3 gathering plots etc…

Bear in mind that for these there are quests that need to be completed to open up the blueprints for certain buildings. So choose carefully if you don’t want to be out in the wild for too long completing it. Once you have levelled your Garrison, all of the previous levels blueprints are available and once you hit 100 they are all up for purchase. This however shouldn’t mean that you leave everything to the last minute as you will need what these Garrisons can deliver unless you are going to be totally reliant on a LOT of gold.

garrisonlvl1 copy

Level 1

You have 1 large plot and 1 small plot available to you.

Your small plot is primarily your crafting plot and the large is your ‘bonus’ plot. Both of these need to be filled before you can move on to the next level for your Garrison.


garrisonlvl2 copy

Level 2

This is your next stage for you to place buildings. You get a Medium plot and another Small plot. With this level you also get the Mine, Herb Farm and Fishing Shack available to you.


garrisonlvl3 copy

Level 3

This is your final level and you now have even more plots available to you. You get an extra Large plot, an extra Medium plot and and extra Small plot. As well as the Pets area.

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Right where I need to be

I’ve been focusing on my professions as of late, wanting to get them maxed so I don’t have to rely on the AH or other guildies. (A fine example of this is my gems. I could find them with Emava mining the ore, Pazima prospecting them but she didn’t have the design needed to cut them so I would send them to Macnessa to do for me)

As I was killing random things on Zionxi, I would send the loot to Pazima to disenchant. This got me a lot of mysterious essence and the dust (whose name escapes me at the moment) but I needed the last lot of Cata mats to level up to be able to use my Pandaria mats. Farouche kindly lead me through a dungeon so I could collect some greens to do it (Grim Batol, which is now like a ghetto version of Ironforge) and one run gave me enough to do it. I’d gone from 498 or somewhere in that region to 600 in the space of 20 minutes. Now I don’t need to fork out 180g on enchants. I can use that for repairs after Garrosh has killed me, again. It makes a big difference being able to craft them. Before it was a case of ‘is it worth spending out as I might get an upgrade later on?’ Now it’s more ‘ah fuck it, let’s make 10, what I don’t need I can keep/sell/deposit in the gb’

I also leveled up my mining on Emava. I’m currently languishing at 590 range. I need trillium to get any higher but as I can grow it I’m not in a real rush to go out there and find it. Ghost iron is what I’m looking for currently and for that reason I’m currently parked on Emava at Halfhill, nice and handy for running around mining and also so I can get to the Silken Fields for my Imperial Silk. It took me an age to get there as I got completely lost in the Jade Forest trying to find the road that took me to the Valley and then having to slink around so I didn’t get eaten by packs of rabbits… Now I’m here I have four bits of farm to grow stuff on and access to everything I need. And while it would be nice to get to 90, I’m not planning on using her or Pazima for anything other than hard labour.

Zionxi has been somewhat forgotten with her professions. They are maxed but I often forget to make scrolls of wisdom to learn any more glyphs. The reason? To me inscription doesn’t seem to have a use at the moment. Once you learn all the glyphs on a char then you don’t need to buy them ever again. As most people will know at least one inscriptor you don’t need to buy them from the ah. Yes I can make tome of the clear mind, so I don’t need to hunt around for someone to sell it but then again, why have npcs sell it in the first place? Kinda makes it pointless for inscriptors as it’s sold so cheaply from them, enchanting vellum is another one… cheaper and easier to buy it than to actually make it *sigh*

I did go rep hunting for the Golden Lotus faction and started killing Mogu. I got a key for a cache in the underground temple place in the Vale. As I worked my way through I got another key (result) and opened the boxes at the end with the cloud serpent. I got two new recipes for my cooking. Which then got me in a whole lot of bother as I started clicking on the bags of rice, saw that I needed it for one of my new recipes and then went off killing rares for the balsamic vinegar and went to buy the strawberries for the delightfully sounding Farmers Delight (see what I did there…? *wink*) and some other recipes. I don’t know if I will keep going back to find more as it’s a faff to get in there but it’s something else to try and get when I have nothing pressing to do.