Crafting materials from Warlords of Draenor

  With the up and coming expansion there are a whole bunch of new mats. The adding of the reagents bag that you can now craft directly from it, even if your not remotely near a bank. Also the fact that these mats now stack to 200 means that gathering is now less of a …

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This is going to be a big thing. And a time consuming one unless you plan. Levelling your Garrison Your Garrisons level up as you fill the previous tiers plots. So if you only ever fill the Large plot on your level 1 Garrison, it will only be level 1, even if you personally hit …

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Update! In the Blasted Lands you now have to talk to the dragon person to allow you to be in the past before the invasion. Bonus to this is that all the 90's are busy in the present so you kinda have the area to yourself! I had this profession many moons ago on my …

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